Symi Bench Seat

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The Symi seat unites ergonomics and comfort. Two features that focus on the well-being of fans and their passion for the sport. Thus, this seat was developed and designed according to FIFA and UEFA guidelines and yes, it is the most resistant chair on the market!

Its unique formula and innovative design make the Symi seat a resistant and long-lasting object. Its elegant and innovative design makes this product stand out in the sports world.

Available in over 25 colors, the seat offers a wide range of customization options.

Thus, this seat aims to respect all legal norms for the correct functioning of any sports venue. The seat also applies to substitute benches, of various lengths and types.


Main features

The great innovation in the world of bench seating is SYMI’s 5-point attachment. It’s almost impossible to get it off the stands… so there are no more seats flying around the sports grounds! This is a valuable anti-vandal feature and a great economic advantage for homeowners.

With anti-fire additives and reinforced fixing against vandalism, SYMI manages to be the most resistant seat in the sports market.

Suitable space for placing numbers or advertisements, this is the bench seat suitable for indoor and outdoor sports venues.

Polypropylene seat with UV stabilizer (own formula)

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