With certified and 100% Portuguese products, we set trends by combining innovation, experience, knowledge, rigour and professionalism. With athletes and their sports always in mind, we are the ideal partners, tireless in creating more and better for the world of sports.


100% Portuguese company located in the Sintra area in an area of 8200m²


We have a network of partners all over the world


We develop and manufacture unique and differentiated products in the sports market


We are a 100% Portuguese company specialised in the manufacture and development of sports floors and equipment.

With 20 years of Know-How, Sports Partner sets trends, innovative and unique solutions in the sports market both nationally and internationally, producing its equipment in accordance with the European Standards in force and being duly certified by various national and international sports entities.

We come into play, with all our experience, rigor, knowledge and professionalism and finish with 100% Portuguese products which, in turn, are selected for the most varied and demanding sports competitions worldwide.

We have already equipped numerous sports references such as: Sporting Clube de Portugal, Academia de Alcochete, Futebol Clube do Porto, Federação Andebol de Portugal, European Table Tennis Championship 2015 at the Meo Arena Pavilion, World Cup in Costa Rica, among many others. Being Sports Partner, the most international Portuguese manufacturer of sports flooring and equipment ever in the history of the Portuguese sports market, Sports Partner is present in all continents of the world with a wide range of business partners who work daily with us. We do not work to be the biggest, but to continue to be differentiators, presenting innovative solutions that add value to the global sports market. This is the only way we can provide the best conditions for the practitioners of various sports.

Our floors and sports equipment are developed and manufactured only in Portugal with unique and differentiating characteristics in the sports world, because the feedback from athletes, all sports staff, our partners who walk daily in competitions and taking into account the European safety standards, we can present the best products and services on the market with all the rigor and prestige. Not forgetting the whole team that makes up Sports Partner, which is essential to its success.

Sports Partner presents a wide portfolio of products taking into account the needs of its customers, thus ensuring the equipping of all sports venues with the best quality in the sports market.

With the quality of our products, we aim to make all our procedures of quality, so we use the ISO9001 certification. We believe that quality service and excellence are the most important points in this process, as we work daily to ensure the total satisfaction of our clients, institutional and business partners.

The satisfaction of all those who choose us as their sports partner is, after all, the measure of our success! Therefore, we are distinguished with the PME leader award and recognized with the PME Heroes award.



Sports Partner has launched itself into the international arena and at this moment Sports Partner’s quality is recognised in Portugal, Europe and the world. Through athletes, clubs or federations. With a Global Network of Partners distributed worldwide, is present in several countries. From India to Chile, from Costa Rica to Qatar, by Slovakia, all over Eastern Europe and North Africa.